Transportation Management

Policy: SK Rektor No. 0084/SK-UMY/VIII/2004

1. Decide that the locations used for parking areas shall be given Parking sign, and Locations that are prohibited to park shall be given No Parking sign.

2. Arrangement of parking area locations as mentioned in the first decision shall consider the distance from the classroom for lectures and the noise level.

3. This decree shall be informed to the names on the list in order to be noticed and accomplished as a mandate that is subject to change if considered necessary.


No Program
1 Allocation of adequate buildings and parking lots
2 Distance of the parking lot and the building is not noisy
3 Provision of campus bicycles for students
4 Localization parking area in each zone of the building
5 Student dormitory near campus location
6 Provision of campus bicycles for staff
7 CO Monitor