Water Conservation

Policy: SK REKTOR No. 0014/SK-UMY/I/2011

1. Decide the location that shall be used to preserve water.

2. The location of water preservation as mentioned in the first decision is differentiated into two: rainfall preservation and toilet-used water preservation

3. Rainfall water preservation as mentioned in the second decision can be used for:

  1. Environmental parks and maintenance
  2. Fish ponds
  3. Preserve clean water
  4. Preserve water of emergency use

4. Water from the toilet use shall not be allowed to flow to the location of rainfall water preservation, except the water has been treated under right procedures.

5. This decree shall take effect on the date It Is promulgated and shall be declared and accomplished as a mandate that is subject to change if considered necessary.


No Program
1 Water Purification branded with “UMY TIRTA”. This program is dedicated to convert and purify land water (karst) into drinking water. UMY TIRTA is consumed by daily official needs
2 Artifical Lake in western part of campus. Built on the area of 4000 meter square was firstly designed as water bin for rainfall, fishery, aesthetic value, and firing deposit
3 Wash hands using sensors
4 Water Fixtures Standart
5 Recycling Water
6 Rain Water Reservoir
7 Detention Pool
8 Biopori Hole